Rev. Raoul Armbrister

    Raoul Armbrister is an extremely anointed teacher and instructor in theology
   and biblical studies.  He is the epitome of one who truly believes in
   discipleship and training for the body of Christ.  To hear him speak and
   unravel the mysteries of God revealed to him by the Holy Spirit, will
    encourage, motivate, and excite Christians and none Christians alike.


    His approach to preaching is timely and contains the power and truths of the
    infallible Word of God presented in context, line upon line and precept upon
   precept, without conflict or confusion.  His spiritual depth and insight is
    manifested in the different levels of revelation he presents to Scripture.


    His life and message is rooted in the fulfillment of the Great Commission, 
    the principles of victorious Christian living and the preparation of the minister
    for the ministry. This young man has experienced the miraculous power of 
    God many times in his life; the most noted by those who know him was his   
    physical healing from being a Quadriplegic. 


God is doing something special in the world today through the lives of willing qualified young men. Raoul is definitely one of them, this being evidenced by the affirmation of the power of God in his life and ministry. 


Rev. Armbrister is the Academic Dean and an instructor for Access Bible College, the Grand Bahama campus for Vision International University, Ramona, California. He is the International President of Karazim Ministries, a compassion care ministry, helping to transform the lives of the less fortunate and needy. He is a preacher, teacher and motivator known and respected in the international Christian community.


Raoul holds a diploma in Technical Education 1, bachelor’s degrees in Business and Theology also a master’s degree in Marketing and  a Doctor of Divinity degree, from Vision International University, Ramona California.

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