Dr. Susan Wallace



    Dr. Susan J. Wallace is a native of West End, G. B., 
    Bahamas, but spent most of her earlier years in Nassau, 
    Bahamas. God’s call led to the relocation of Dr. Wallace 
    and her husband, Sydney to Grand Bahama. In January, 
    1998, she founded Access Ministries International for 
    Healing and Wholeness, and Access Bible College – a 
    School of Ministry.  The Ministry and College serve both 
    nationally and internationally through teaching, training, 
    counselling, healing and deliverance. Dr.Wallace’s 
    apostolic gift pioneered a number of activities that 
    prepared her to launch into ministry.


    Work & Ministry: Education Career: High School 
    Teacher in English & Maths.                          

    Lecturer: Bahamas Teachers’ College, English.

    Asst. Director, Ministry of Education, Bahamas.


Trust & Banking Career:     Vice Pres., Human Resources, & Director Coutts & Co.,     

                                             Banking & Trust, now S. G. Hambros.


Ministry Career: Past Regional Chairman, Caribbean, Aglow International.         

                           Radio Shows: Weekly Bible teachings on ZNS.

                           President of Access Ministries & Access Bible College.

                           Qualified & Experienced Spiritual Counsellor & Deliverance Minister.

                           Qualified Teacher of the Word, & Trainer in a variety of Workshops.


About Dr. Wallace:


Dr. Wallace’s career and ministry allowed her extensive travel throughout the Bahamas and the Caribbean; to Nairobi, the U.S., Argentina and Ecuador , S. Korea, the Holy Land, England, the Channel Isles, the Isle of Man in Great Britain, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and France in Europe.


Her education includes: B. Ed. & M.Ed. Degrees (Univ. of Miami), a Sp. Arts Degree in Theology, and a Ph.D. in Counselling (Zoe Univ., Jacksonville, Florida).


Dr. Wallace is the author of 10 books including poetry, plays, short stories, and other Christian books including Counselling books, and books related to the end-times. Her 10th. book: “Why
God, Why” has recently been released.


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