Bishop Henry Fernandez

An anointed speaker, and accomplished author and entrepreneur, Henry B. Fernandez answered the call of God on his life in 1985 when he moved from Brooklyn, New York, to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In 1988, he became an ordained minister.

In July 1991, Fernandez began to demonstrate his faith in God and a commitment to “walk by faith” in every area of life when, along with his wife, Carol, he founded the Plantation Worship Center in the cafeteria of a local elementary school in south Florida with only 11 members. Now known as The Faith Center Ministries, the church makes its home in the former Sunrise Theater where its more than 8,000 members embrace a mission of “Reaching the World for Jesus.”

Gifted with a strong ability to deliver the Word with clarity and in a practical manner, Fernandez flows in a strong prophetic anointing as he teaches. A visionary who believes it is God’s will for everyone to prosper and be in health, Fernandez is committed to helping educate people to what God’s Word has to say about living and walking in victory. Part of that commitment is demonstrated through his founding of The University of Fort Lauderdale, a non-denominational Christian institute fully approved by the Commission of Independent Education. The university, which was established to advance Christian education and promote leadership in both secular and non-secular areas, offers degrees on the associate, bachelors, masters and doctoral levels.

The Henry B. Fernandez Institute for Learning was also established by Fernandez to offer biblical courses to ministers and lay leaders who may not be seeking a degree, but desire a solid foundation in the understanding of God's word for evangelizing, mentoring, and inspirational leadership.

Although his professional career began in the travel industry, Fernandez developed his business and financial acumen in the corporate arena. It is those skills, competence and proficiencies that Fernandez now uses as a foundation to assist in building the Kingdom of God. Bishop Fernandez is an entrepreneur who is gifted in the area of prosperity and financial planning. Often sought after as a motivational financial planner and seminar host, Fernandez imparts practical steps to debt-free living and how to live in abundance.

Fernandez is the author of four books: Divine Love, Faith—Faith The Key to Success, Beyond Passion and Prayer—the Power Connection. His wife, Carol Fernandez, serves as his co-pastor of The Faith Center Ministries and often ministers alongside her husband at conferences, as well as in their home church. They are the parents of two young sons, Seion-Zane and Elijah-Zane.

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